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Now that the elections are over, we have a better idea of what to expect this upcoming legislative session.  We will be working on our strategy as issues arise.  One thing is for sure, the animal rights activists will be going after hunting and trapping in full force!  As always, we need your help to fund our efforts to protect and promote our rural Vermont traditions and way of life.

GUN CONTROL: The gun control forces in Vermont have become better organized, well financed, and armed with a top Montpelier lobbying firm. The good news is that the spotlight on gun control in recent years has brought more new activists and leaders into the gun rights movement since the original battle over proposed restrictions on the former Champion Lands more than a decade ago.

PET OWNER RIGHTS PROTECTED: VTC worked closely with Deb Brown and Pam Parshall of the Vermont Federation of Dog Clubs, a VTC member organization, and Evan Hughes of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmanís Clubs, to ensure procedural protections for pet owners whose pets may be seized by some of the more extreme animal rights groups.


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