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What is VTC?

Vermont Traditions Coalition is a group of over 20 traditional land use organizations from throughout Vermont that formed in 2001 in response to the Champion Lands land grab. The Champion proposal threatened many hallowed uses of these massive Northeast Kingdom lands with bans or restrictions.

Sportsmen, snowmobile clubs, farm, maple syrup, forest product, outdoor guides, and lake association groups banded together to use all of our collective power and resources to fight, as one, to protect all of our traditions wherever they are threatened statewide.

The Champion lands assault on traditional land uses taught all of these organizations that we need a much stronger voice in state government or we face losing our rural traditions piece by piece until there is virtually nothing left.

During the last couple of decades, anti-hunting, anti-motorized, anti-farming, anti-forestry, and other restrictionist groups have exploded onto the state government scene, and traditional rural interests hadn’t
kept up with the times.

VTC rose to the occasion and answered the call. Since 2001,VTC has been the only sporting organization to put two full-time, year round paid professionals in the halls of government.

In addition, VTC has developed a statewide network of thousands of volunteers to not only protect our traditions, but advance them to higher levels. VTC continually finds itself playing the lead role in protecting all that we cherish. Each year, our efforts attract more and more support. But government changes continually and VTC must keep up with the times.

VTC’s leaders cannot do this alone. The need for VTC will continue day after day, year after year forever. To survive and thrive,

VTC needs your help. Please keep VTC fighting for you!

Support VTC with your financial pledge, your time and your voice. Those who seek to destroy our traditions never rest.

Neither can we.

Don’t let this happen!



Vermont Traditions Coalition is non-profit corporation organized under the laws of Vermont.


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“Some would like us to go away, maybe give us a space at the Shelburne Museum, put us in a book on the coffee table. We made Vermont, and now folks are frustrated because we won’t go away.

Bill Moore,
Morristown, VT









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