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In 2002 there was virtually no timber management on state
lands. Walleye restoration was under funded. The state was
doing little to promote hunting as part of Vermont’s culture.
Champion style land grabs looked like they may take over many more of Vermont’s public lands driving out timber companies, jobs, and many rural recreational traditions. And, in general, it looked like we might lose the Vermont we grew up in. That’s when VTC went to work. This is what’s happened since:

Partial List of Achievements: 2002-Forward

VTC led the fight that reversed many restrictions associated
with state purchase of the Champion lands.

VTC plays lead role in fighting restrictive federal “wilderness”
designations on the 650 square mile Green Mt. National Forest.

VTC works with key legislators, and the Agency of Natural
Resources to resurrect aggressive timber management onVt’s
468 square miles of state lands. Thousands of acres of timber
have been cut and other wildlife restoration actions have taken

From 2007-2012,VTC will play a lead role in fighting proposed
abolition of the road network, snowmobile trails, and timber
cutting on the vast federal portion of the Champion Lands
known as Conte Refuge.

VTC plays important role in preventing closure of fish hatcheries, and in winning major appropriations for fish hatcheries and fishing access maintenance improvements.

VTC plays important role in winning over $200,000 for the
Lake Champlain Walleye Assn.’s nationally recognized walleye restoration program conducted in a partnership with the F&W Dept.

VTC plays lead role in averting closure of future recreational
trails and restriction of fishing access by winning exemption of
recreational trails and fishing access paths from restrictions
associated with stream and lake shore lands.

VTC teams with other sporting groups to exempt lead ammunition and all shooting uses from a 2008 bill banning manufacture and use of lead products.

VTC, with others, takes lead role in winning unprecedented
appropriations of: $140,000 to the Ruffed Grouse Society to
accelerate timber management on state land; $77,500 for Vt.
Outdoor Guide Assn., and $50,000 for the LCI Fishing Derbies.

VTC plays role in defeating railroad trespass legislation in 2003, 2004-2005, and 2008-2009 which would have cut off public access to railroad right of ways for fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, ATVing and more.

In 2009,VTC and the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association worked together to pass legislation authorizing lease of state land for maple sugaring operations.

VTC also takes lead role in land planning for all State Wildlife Management Areas, State Parks, and State Forests such as Groton State Forest, Green River State Park, Maquam WMA, Coolidge State Forest, Camel’s Hump State Lands and Bill Sladyk WMA.

In 2008,VTC and its member groups convince the Agency of Natural Resources to change a 2,500 acre restricted area in Groton State Park to allow general uses including a possible snowmobile connector route from the Barre area.

VTC helps broker bi-partisan extension of leases and sales
rights for Champion Lands Camps.

VTC becomes lead public access advocate in 3 year debate
over the “ancient roads bill” dealing with potential closure of
old public right-of-ways such as class 4 roads that aren’t
plowed in the winter.

VTC researches and monitors the 2009-2011 proposed federal
Wild & Scenic designation deliberations for the Missisquoi
River and Trout River Basin that could have adverse implications on public use of river basin lands.

VTC annually plays a lead role in efforts by the anti-hunting,
anti animal agriculture United States Humane Society to enact hunting, pet and farm animal restrictions.

From 2002 forward, VTC and our allies have aggressively supported successful Fish &Wildlife Department resumption of
lamprey treatments in Lake Champlain Basin resulting in
record low lamprey attacks on game fish.

Led successful opposition to Fish &Wildlife Department proposal for the state to tell sportsmen how they should use their fish and game harvests.

From 2009 forward, fought against excessive tax increases
on open landowners that could have caused harm to our
timber and farm economy and loss of recreational lands.

Most importantly, VTC prevents many bad initiatives from even being considered.

This is done by maintaining a daily presence at the Statehouse.




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“Champion woke me up. First, they took over the land, then they came for our jobs and then they came for our camps.

All of this left me wondering, when they come for me, will I be standing all by myself.”


Citizens Advisory Committee 01

Island Pond, VT


"If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would..."
"Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting..."“We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States ... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state...”

The words of Wayne Pacelle, current Chief Executive Officer of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).












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